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The Memory Player Absolute Reference One Box Solution

The Memory Player Absolute Reference

The new Memory Player Absolute Reference music player is our effort to rewrite what is possible in the reproduction of music. Our latest motherboard was created with simplicity in mind: the shortest signal path in the industry, extremely low power demands, minimal heat generation and no fans. With this new design, we reset what is possible in lowering jitter in both our hardware and software.

Utilizing an entirely recrafted version of Windows with reduced services and threads, the entire Operating System is built upon our patented wide byte structure offering the lowest jitter of any player in the industry beginning with the OS itself. Our patented solid-state memory employs this new structure at the source of the music, enabling the lowest possible jitter at the earliest point in the process: the storage media Itself. It doesn’t stop there. With multiple versions of our software oscillating in the background, time-based distortions are eliminated throughout the musical reproduction process.
Beginning in January 2023, The Absolute Reference is available in a One Box solution ($27,500) and a Two Box solution ($36,500). Descriptions are available under  2023 Solutions.
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The Memory Player Absolute Reference Two Box Solution

Virtual Battery

DAC Power Supply


The Clock Mapper

Defractionalized Memory

​Laufer Teknik's Computer Audio Solutions are The Memory Player's innovative group of technologies designed to create the richest, most analog-like sound possible. 


The Virtual Battery, The DAC Power Supply, IDEAS and IDEAS 2 Jitter Reducing Software, The Clock Mapper, and DeFractionalized Memory are performance solutions that take The Memory Player well beyond any other music server.

Computer Audio Solutions

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