The Memory Player with onboard DAC is available in either Brushed Silver or Satin Black finish.

Besides having all the features available in the Transport,  The Memory Player with onboard DAC contains what is arguably the finest high end audio DAC currently made.


The Memory Player 64's state-of-the-art delta-sigma DAC boasts a true quad DSD DAC internally, so that any file, up to DSDx4 or 64/768, can be played effortlessly.


But perhaps the DAC’s most important feature is D2D or Direct-to-DAC technology. A special connection on the chip allows The Memory Player 64 to completely bypass all innate amplification, filtration, equalization and buffering common to even the finest DAC chips.

While many of the DACs currently on the market perform extremely well, these post-processing circuits are in the signal path, degrading it all the way to the output.


D2D allows the output to come directly from the moment of conversion to the output.  A single component removes the RF and is in parallel, such that nothing but a film/foil polypropylene output capacitor is in the signal path -- the simplest and most direct path of analog output of any digital player in the world.  


The single capacitor may even be upgraded to non-inductive polystyrene or Teflon upon request.

The Memory Player with Onboard DAC:  Suggested U.S. Retail Prices
MP64-8 Gold Player with DAC

Enjoy the amazing MP64 Sound with our D2D DAC with XLR and RCA analog outputs and SPDIF digital output.

  • Playback of all music formats from MP3 to DSD512, PCM768 and 2xDXD Lynx AES16

  • Motherboard with Virtual Battery Power Filtering Technology

  • Onboard 64GB SLC Solid State Windows 10 OS configured with our patented ”fractionalized” memory

  • 2TB Internal SSD with our DeFractionalized 2048K Byte

  • The Memory Player Complete Software Bundle with our patented IDEAS 1-3 Jitter Reduction Software, Clock Mapper, Stealth 1 and 2, Copier, Player (JRiver), High Resolution Digital Recorder, Resampler, Browser and much more!

  • Internal Blu-ray Drive

  • Also available as options are Digital: Lynx AES16 card; SOTM USB card and clock; JCAT USB or Ethernet cards; or Pink Faun I2S outputs cards, all with linear supplies

MP64-16 Platinum Player with DAC

Same as Gold Player above, but with 16 clock technology and our latest Passive Power Supply which filters 3, 5 and 12 volt DC going into the motherboard

MP64-32 Diamond Player with DAC

Same as Platinum Player above, but with 32 clock technology

MP64-32 Diamond Reference Player with DAC

Same as Platinum Player above, but with 32 clock technology and our reference DAC with Tube output stage and 1024 Native DSD capability


Non-inductive capacitor structure with Jupiter, Mundorf or Stealth Capacitors ($5,000)