The Digital Transport is available in either

Brushed Silver or Satin Black finish.

The Memory Player Digital Transport has been owned and used as the reference digital transport by dozens of reviewers in many high end audio journals around the world for years. It has repeatedly won comparison tests with digital players costing well over $100,000 USD.

Why?  In a word: technology.


The Digital Transport, now available in three models (MP64-8 Gold, MP64-16 Platinum, MP64-32 Diamond) has, from the outset, set the standard in audio jitter reduction using unique and unprecedented technologies and software -- so novel and effective, these new technologies were awarded two US patents.

The Memory Player 64's unrivaled audio jitter performance is due in part to the advanced theory, in which it postulates that jitter that occurs in the digital audio signal stream, the DAC, merges into the audio signal and cannot be detected or measured in the traditional manner (at the DAC); hence, it often escapes detection.


In order to address this hidden but often severe jitter, The Memory Player uses five primary technologies  (The Virtual Battery, The Clock Mapper, DeFractionalized Memory, IDEAS, and The DAC Power Supply) to de-jitter the data stream, such that upon entering the DAC it is already below the jitter capabilities of any DAC currently made.


The result is what most listeners consider, by far, to be the sweetest tonality, greatest air and ambient retrieval of any digital player in the world. Repeatedly compared to the finest vinyl, it is by far the most musical sounding digital player on the market.


See many opinions to that effect, going back to 2005, in our Reviews and Testimonials


Many now consider The Memory Player 64 to surpass even the finest analog systems.  Many have sold their vinyl collections after digitizing their collections with The Memory Player.


The Memory Player 64 can literally do it all. At a maximum resolution of a staggering 64bit/768khz, no source material is incapable of being played at its full potential.


It also plays a full, true quad-DSD DoP, and supports all known audio formats, and is available in three models:

The Digital Transports: Suggested U.S. Retail Prices


MP64-8 Gold "Transport"

Enjoy the amazing MP64 Sound with digital AES-EBU and SPDIF output in a chassis that is upgradable to our reference player.

  • Lynx AES16 card with linear PS

  • Motherboard with Virtual Battery Power Filtering Technology

  • Onboard 64GB SLC Solid State Windows 10 OS configured with our patented "fractionalized" memory

  • 2TB Internal SSD with our Defractionalized 2048K Byte

  • The Memory Player Complete Software Bundle with our patented IDEAS 1-3 Jitter reduction software, Clock Mapper, Stealth 1 and 2, Copier, Player (JRiver), High Resolution Digital Recorder, Resampler, Browser and much more!

  • Internal Blu-ray Drive

  • Also available as an option with SOTM USB card and clock, JCAT USB or Ethernet cards, or Pink Faun I2S outputs cards, all with linear supplies

Same as our Gold player above, but with 16 clock technology and the addition of our latest Passive Power Supply which filters 3, 5 and 12 volt DC going into the motherboard

MP64-32 Diamond "Transport"


Same as our Gold player above but with 32 clock technology

MP64-16 Platinum "Transport"