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Streaming Music with The Memory Player Absolute Reference

Despite the advances with streaming music, it still suffers from time-based distortion introduced through its compressed file structure (Flac or MQA) as well as its reconstitution as a file once transmitted over the internet. These two occurrences introduce time delays and distortion to the streaming experience. The stream itself is cached on one’s server but the cache medium itself inherits the jitter structure of its predecessor location.

We’ve changed all this!


In development for over two years, our latest software, itself subject to patent pending, captures the stream, decompresses it as a DSD file, places it into one of our patented memory structures, dejitters it using our IDEAS software and then plays it back. This happens on a FIFO basis so the original file is deleted making room for unlimited optimized streaming with a level of fidelity not yet experienced with cloud-based playback.

The technology itself is largely player neutral: whether it’s Roon, JRiver, Tidal or Qobuz, our technology serves as the foundation for musical playback that reconnects you to the original live event.

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