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2023 Features & Prices

Textured Wall

One Box Solution

Our One Box solution incorporates dedicated linear supplies for not only the whole player but also the 5v lines powering usb output. The player comes standard with usb output to link to your favorite Dac. 2tb of solid-state playback with a 256gb operating system drive. Optionally, you can add Ethernet filtering ($1,495) and Spdif ($1,495).

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Two Box Solution

Our Two Box solution pushes the envelope on all fronts: (1) we isolate our power supplies from the player lowering potential noise and creating a blacker background to musical playback; (2) we introduce a special star grounding structure tied to a dedicated ground terminal on the back which can be linked to your favorite grounding solution; (3) the capacitance used in our two box solution are increased to over a quarter million microfarads of capacitance, with improved quality resisters and inductors used. Power is transmitted through a short cable using extremely pure copper and locking Speakon connectors.




If you are looking to push the limit on musical reproduction, we offer additional upgrades to further enhance playback:

1. Power Supply - Upgraded power supply for 12 and 5 v lines with 1 fared of capacitance using an array pf Mundorf Mylitic capacitors, pure silver wiring, the finest ceramic resisters and inductors available. $8,500

2. Memory - Solid state memory is available in many formulations. This upgrade pushes the speed and quality of these ssds to the limit by using an ultra fast 2tb nvme drive and the fastest available 2.5” ssd available with 4tb of playback space. $4,500

3. Streaming - This upgrade includes our latest software streaming release on a dedicated single level cell and drive.

Our latest streaming software is not only for streaming. It takes any music whether stored locally or from the cloud and captures it, decompresses, stores it on our patented memory and then plays it back with a level of fidelity not yet enjoyed by any player on the market. It’s set it and forget it.

Just play your locally stored or streamed music and it automatically runs through our new streaming structure
. $4,500

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