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The Virtual Battery

The Virtual Battery Power Filtering Technology dramatically improves the sound quality of music played by all music servers and computer audio.


It nearly eliminates interference, contamination and coloration between digital and analog systems, and reduces digital jitter in nearly every process.

The Virtual Battery can go where no power conditioner has gone before.

The Virtual Battery is an add-on option to The Memory Player. 

The Virtual Battery uses a proprietary technology that we had previously designed for advanced bio-feedback designs used in brain-wave (alpha) monitoring, in order to detect and eliminate even the most minute remnants of detrimental signals on the DC power entering the audio circuits.

The Virtual Battery is what all power conditioners strive to be, but cannot, due to their physical and electronic separation from the DC power that powers all electronic circuitry.


Even the finest power conditioner has such limited access to the DC power, it cannot reach even a 10% reduction in AC noise, RF and digital byproducts on the DC power itself.  


The Virtual Battery from The Memory Player exceeds even the best power conditioner’s efficacy by an astounding 80%, cleaning the DC feeding all circuits to a level never before achieved in digital circuit designs.


The Virtual Battery simply plugs into the ATX power plug used in all computer audio systems and most music servers. It is user-installable, requires NO technical expertise or tools, and works in any computer-based audio device, Mac or Windows.

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