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The DAC Power Supply is designed specifically to completely isolate and optimize any high end audio sound card and is most commonly used for Lynx Audio Sound Cards, both digital and analog. 


It achieves the highest filtration of line noise, RF and digital artifacts available, with up to 1,000 times greater regulation precision than the regulators that come installed on even the finest sound cards.  Virtual Teflon Technology reduces the impedance so low that regulator coloration is virtually eliminated.


The size of a common PCIE card, each power supply is a circuit board that is wired into the chassis of your computer.

The DAC Power Supply

The DAC Power Supply was designed to be used with most high end audio sound cards or The Memory Player 64’s Direct-to-DAC (D2D) output.  


This is an important and grossly overlooked area. The coloration of the power to a typical DAC chip is abysmal, even in the most expensive players. This is due in part to the fact that no matter how high quality the regulators are that feed the DAC’s power, regulators are amplifiers, and impart huge amounts of their own coloration.


The DAC Power Supply, too, is a supremely precise regulator, but also contains our copyrighted circuit, which drops its impedance a staggering 1000X lower than the best regulation chips (like the LM317 or the 7805). This drastically low impedance literally ‘shorts out’ its own coloration, resulting in a transformative improvement for the DAC -- any DAC.

The DAC Power Supply is an add-on option to The Memory Player. 
With popular sound cards and with only two wires, you can dramatically improve the DAC quality of any sound card.

With The DAC Power Supply, dynamics skyrocket, coloration plummets, definition is revealed that you never knew was there, and the tonality is as sweet as vinyl. The limitations and colorations that even the finest voltage regulator chips impart into the best of DACs cannot be overstated. ALL DACs can be dramatically improved by using this unique design.


Besides being used with The Memory Player 64’s D2D output, The DAC Power Supply can also be used with most third party DACS.

All of The Memory Player’s circuits are hard wired with silver, Teflon wire and silver solder.  Since they are not on printed circuits, each unit is hand wired by our technician. 


While this takes longer and is more labor intensive than a printed circuit board, the sonic advantages of Teflon, silver and silver solder instead of copper foils and wave soldering cannot be disputed.

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