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The Clock Mapper

The Clock Mapper is an affordable and superior alternative to the costly and antiquated atomic master clock. It is used in recording studios, and now, can be part of your home high end audio system.

The Clock Mapper
isolates audio processes, eliminating jitter
Master Clock
(non-audio processes
interrupt audio's clock ticks)

The Clock Mapper literally isolates all its audio processes to a single clock, removing all jitter from competing processes, by virtue of having no interruptions or conflicts with non-audio demands for clocking. 


This cannot be done with a single master clock, because even small distances between components create timing changes. State changes in chips then change this timing infinitely and randomly (dependent upon what is being played), adding to the inductive and capacitive timing changes from using a single master clock.


The Memory Player's Clock Mapper intelligently reduces the audio jitter below even the capability of Rubidium master clock systems, by virtue of elimination of interference from non-audio demands, processes and features, and predictable, defined inductances.


Due to the physics of space and the influence of competing processes and features, this cannot be achieved with any master clock, regardless of its quality. A single master clock has been the staple technology since the 1980s, but suffers from jitter created in the audio by competing and interfering processes.


Intelligent, dynamic clock mapping is replacing the antiquated master clock approach, achieving less jitter by a whole order of magnitude. It’s just physics.

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